Business Coaching and Consulting with a Personal Touch Accounting and Taxes


After many years practicing as an accountant and an income tax preparer, I came to realize that people, as well as myself, were frustrated with the never ending struggle surrounding money and finances.  I then sought out answers to why it seemed so universal.

It was then I started the work of transformation.  In this work it became apparent that we need to take personal responsibility for what appears in our world, both the good and joyous as well as the struggle and pain.  In all of this we become attached and addicted to our own separateness which feeds the ego and as the wonderful Wayne Dyer says " EGO = Edge God Out" 

So what would our lives look like if we were to recognize that we have the ability to remember our connection and that we are whole and complete?  We would be able to recognize that the dreams gifted to us have the ability to become reality.  When we open ourselves up to abundance and receiving the gifts that are already ours, we prosper and those around us prosper and thrive.  

Our natural state is to be part of the collective and it is our innate desire to help others become more than they believe possible.   

During this transformation work where I discovered how much I truly love helping others shift their self-limiting beliefs, I heard several times, about A Course in Miracles.  I purchased the book, which seemed a bit daunting in its whole.   I then did an online search and "coincidentally" came across Chris Cade and his daily workbook lessons.  This broke down ACIM in a way that I could practice and understand it.  

Along with ACIM, I started coaching for a transformational company in which I learned and taught belief and ontological coaching, the science of being.   After hundreds of hours of coaching and hundreds of students, I began to wonder how I could take that and create a way that beingness and belief could help alleviate the struggle that so many have around finances and abundance.

I created a symmetry of accounting and taxes with transformation and ACIM in a way that people can let go of the struggle, understand their finances, and know that it doesn't have to be the prevailing thought that stresses them out on a daily basis.  

So my coaching business is a combination of my years of accounting and the hundreds of businesses and industries that I worked with, along with transformational and ACIM teaching that shifting the mind is as important as managing your finances with ease.