Business Coaching and Consulting with a Personal Touch Accounting and Taxes




I have 30+ years of experience in accounting, in a wide variety of industries from Sole Proprietorship, Mom & Pop, all the way to multi=million dollar international corporations.  

I have several degrees including a Masters of Science in Accountancy. and a bachelors in Business Management in Accounting.

Along with accounting, let's discuss the business management overall.


I have worked with a variety of non-profits in both the accounting/bookkeeping services as well as compliance issues.  

I also serve on 3 different board of directors for non-profits, using my expertise to help keep those agencies compliant, that accounting standards are being met, and help with business management and organization.

Crypto Currencies

I have worked with a few companies that work with Crypto Currencies and keep abreast of current laws, legislations, and other information that will effect your taxes and accounting when it comes to reporting Crypto Currency on your tax return and in your business.


As my business name implies, I am what people have called a "Taxpert".  I prepare taxes of all kinds.  

I have worked on past taxes, tax audits of every kind, industry audits, personal, property, and many types of business taxes.  

Financial Coaching

With all of the accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax expertise, it became a natural transition to consulting.  

After working with a transformational company and becoming a coach within that company after hours and in between, I realized that part of the issue with peoples finances, is their belief around money.  I look to help them  shift their thinking and increase their abundance. 


After so many years, with extensive experience, and a variety of industries, I spend many hours consulting with companies on how to manage their finances, forecast what is to come, and what it takes to get to where they want to be.