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What services do you offer?

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What services do you offer?

What services do you offer?

Do your clients know what services you really offer?  I recently was on a webinar about increasing your revenue.  During this I got to thinking about the services that you offer and advertise in whatever ways you do your advertising, whether that be social media or yellow pages.

It really got me to thinking about my services of course, but then I thought, I wonder how many others have that same issue that I do.  The issue being that we are very general in describing our services to others.  I mean really, how many of you have heard of an accountant.  Well, then you know what services they offer, right?  Yes, from my perspective, but what about from yours?

For instance, what exactly does a contractor do?  Ok an easy one, what does a podiatrist do?  Oh we know he works on feet but what are all the things he can do to your feet? (Inquiring minds really don’t want to know …. But you get the point.)

So in this introspection, I realized that people do not often know what it is that we can offer them.  We assume they do, well cause we know,  but often times they don’t correlate things together.

Here is an accounting example.  I offer payroll as one of my services.  But did you know that doing payroll includes creating the paychecks, of course; figuring and paying payroll taxes; preparing and paying any wage garnishment order; processing direct deposit pay as requested; and verifying and sending W-2’s at the end of the year.  BUT … payroll also includes workmen’s compensation insurance audits, the cost of payroll investment reports, also payroll adjustment suggestions for both the employer and the individual employees.   That is to say, are you certain that the number of exemptions that you take on your W-4 is the correct number for your circumstances?  The list continues ….

So … in the course of your day, if you, yourself, are a professional providing services to others, are you being specific about your services to your clients so that you can better help them.  Or if you are using the services of a professional to help you in your business or personal life, ask questions and make sure you are availing yourself of all the services that you can use, to make life easier for you.



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