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The IRS, the 21st century, and technology …. All in the same place?

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The IRS, the 21st century, and technology …. All in the same place?

The IRS, the 21st century, and technology …. All in the same place?

Well it seems that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has decided that is getting to be time for them to join the rest of us in the age of budding technology.

During my daily readings of IRS emails, tax blogs, the money magazines, and many other sources of knowledge, I ran across some interesting information and then proceeded to do more research and see if this rumor is true.

Alas, it seems to be.  I found an article in CNNMoney that described the future of tax audits.  They told us that there are already pilot programs out that include people having virtual
tax audits.  Not only that, but you could end up having face to face question and answer session with an IRS agent from the comfort of your living room.  They are even talking about being able to scan your documents by taking a picture of it on your computer camera thereby sending it directly to the agent that you are talking to.    How cool is that?  No more correspondence back and forth or arguing with 6 different people cause you had no way for the auditor to get the paperwork that was in your hand so you had to start over with someone else?

So I thought if they are doing that, what else are they doing, technology wise?  Well, I knew that you could find the IRS on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/IRS) or you can follow them on Twitter (@IRSnews) and other variations of these links.  But … did you know that they have apps too?

One of my favorites is the IRS2go app.  Using this app you can check the status of your refund, the status of your tax return, and even request a copy of last years return.  Now THAT is handy.   Another quick and easy app to use for tax purposes is a nice organizational app like Shoeboxed, or FHTM’s Taxbot where you can scan or photograph your receipts and it categorizes them and sorts them for you that way you don’t have to worry so much about losing your receipts (and some very good deductions) when it comes time for your tax professional to do your return.  (Pick me, pick me, …. Oohh ooooh.)

Another one that I thought would work well is the app called iDonatedit, which as it sounds, keeps track of your donations, contributions, and values of such and have them emailed to yourself or to your on the ball accountant who will keep track of all of that for you.  (Yes this is my plug where I say, let me keep track of it all and you lose all your worries about it!)

Anyhow, there are more and exciting things coming down the pike from the IRS so stay tuned for further news and if all else fails, call Taxpectations, where we are in the know!!



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