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“Everyone deserves to be helped—and we’ve all needed help at some point.” –Wendy Cassera


Helping You, Help Others

There are a multitude of opinions and suggestions on how to help the communities around us. Wendy found in her youth that those suggestions and opinions often had negative undertones towards certain members of communities. Wendy knew that negativity had no place in giving. Her philosophy is this: help anyone, anywhere, whenever you can.
For Wendy, working with non-profits is not only a way to give her financial guidance, but also to sustain the feeling of charity in her community.
Wendy has worked with several non-profits over the years from mobile food banks to women’s support groups. This is all done with the goal of helping them achieve financial savviness and business success, so that they can continue helping others as optimally as possible.
If you are, or know of, a non-profit organization that could benefit from Wendy’s insight please contact us through the website. Additionally, Wendy is always eager to advocate for non-profits that may not need financial education, but an extra hand in getting their message out. We at Taxpectations, and Wendy herself, would love to hear about what positive movements your making in the world.