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SMILE! If it doesn’t make you smile, don’t do it!

With over 25 years of accounting and tax experience, Wendy Cassera operates Taxpectations, Inc with one goal in mind: helping businesses thrive through financial planning and higher knowledge of their financial needs. The goal at Taxpectations is to take the fear out of finances for businesses and individuals. Educating people on how to fulfill their dreams and goals–without losing precious energy worrying about the financial side of things—well, that’s the basic belief that powers Taxpectations.

What is Taxpectations?

Taxpectations, as the name suggests, is a firm with a specialization in taxes.  Our motto reads:  All roads lead to Taxes.  From basic tax preparation to complicated tax returns, tax issues, and state (as well as multi-state) tax issues, including sales & use tax, you’ll find our expertise and knowledge incomparable.

What else does Taxpectations do?

Though Taxpectations began with an initial aim to specialize in taxes, continued patronage and a desire for further servicing entrepreneurs both locally and internationally gave way to establishing Taxpectations also a full service bookkeeping outfit. Taxpectations offers monthly bookkeeping, payroll services, as well as a wide range of accounting services including: financial statements, forensic accounting and minor industry audit work.


On paper, Wendy, CEO of Taxpectations, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, an Associates Degree in Accounting, an additional Associates Degree in Business Accounting and holds a Masters of Science in Accountancy. In everyday life, Wendy is an entrepreneur, a mother, a leader and a person with a passion for spreading “TaxJoy”. Her continued desire for education has also earned her many certifications in many financial fields. Her completion of the 2016 Annual Filing Season Program with the IRS (as well as previous years) solidified her placement on the accepted ERO module of the IRS website.


Wendy has a passion for, and works diligently alongside, several non-profits and currently serves on the board of directors for two. The focus of both is creating strategic partnerships to boost the importance of non-profit work and their importance in motivating, creating and executing change in the world.

Why choose Wendy and Taxpectations?

Wendy’s love of working with a diverse mix of clients on many financial issues is the heart and soul behind Taxpectations. Her goal is much more than to enter your bank statement and prepare your tax return. Between and during your business relationship, the team at Taxpectations will help educate you in the best way for YOU to care for your money in your business. Money isn’t everything, but it helps you support and nurture what matters most to you. Your relationship with your money is of utmost importance. Wendy and the team at Taxpectations want to help you develop that essential relationship with your money, and more importantly, how to understand it and make it work for you, your business, your employees and the things that matter most.

What’s Wendy Up to Right Now?

While being the owner and operator of Taxpectations, Wendy currently resides in Concord, North Carolina. She enjoys watching her three grown, wonderful children beginning families of their own and spending time with each of them.  She continues her love of learning and sharing by being involved with several community groups and engaging in public speaking. She’s currently working on her first book, that will help the common business owner understand what they need to know about their own business finances (without needing an accountant degree).

Looking for a Speaker? 

Wendy Cassera makes a point of setting aside time in her schedule for speaking to groups around the country and the world. But, what many consider “speaking” Wendy considers “teaching”. Her personable attitude and ability to answer the tough questions people have about their money has endeared her to many already and continues to be a main facet of why so many people feel connected to her after even a brief initial meeting. Her philosophy about money may show you why.

Your relationship with money is similar to your relationship with your spouse or your friends, according to Wendy. You can’t be fearful and work with your money out of that fear—it only leads to lack of communication or understanding. The goal is to educate people on, not only how to “meet” and “maintain” their relationships with money, but how to take the fear out of their finances. Whether it’s a group of five or five-hundred, the goal in Wendy’s speaking, work-shops or written materials stays the same “make finances synonymous with smiles”.

If you’re looking to repair, begin or maintain your relationship with money, or if you’re looking to share Wendy’s personable approach with others contact us.

For information on where Wendy will be financially educating next, stay tuned by following Wendy Caesura.